Green to the 10th

The GreenToThe10th website showcased content and design that was not reflective of their current services. GreenToThe10th was an outdated website and it needed a revamp, so I gave it a cosmetic facelift

The GreenToThe10th site hadn't been updated in a while, and there was a bunch of known customer pain points which needed to be addressed. My goal was to improve the user experience, modernise the aesthetic and increase sales.

My approach as a front-end developer for GreenToThe10th was to advocate for the user, and by putting the user first, we achieve business goals as a result. Having a wide range understanding of the following can assist in achieving strong user experience.

The client also wanted to have control over the website for future updates. Because of this, I decide to keep using WordPress.


The major problems I had to overcome in the design process were how to:

  • Engage a potential customer to want to do use GreenToThe10th's services
  • Explain the benefits of choosing GreenToThe10th
  • Showcase previous succesful projects


After a proper understanding of the issues, the main goals of the website redesign were established.

  • Upgrade the site's visual look
  • Excellent user experience, including a fast load speed and compelling UX
  • Share worthy content that earns business
  • SEO enhancement, make sure search engines can find the site

Mission accomplished

Some design challenges are harder than others, but when you have a great client to work with, it makes it that much easier to achieve your objective. I had a great time working with this client and I'm glad that I could help them create a brand and website that met their company needs.

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