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Effective dashboard use can have a dramatic impact on business performance. Dashboards keep everyone on the same page and put the most important facts about your business where they can have most impact.

  • Web Design
  • Front-end
  • UX Design
  • Bootstrap

Getting more value out of your data

Data is one of the most valuable assets owned by your business. Putting this data to work, however, is often more difficult in practice. A well designed dashboard has the ability to inform users across the organization and provide on-demand access to core business metrics.

Reasons to update current Admin Dashboard

  • Bad performance
  • Not responsive
  • It looks outdated
  • Features on the site don't work properly

Power, Speed and Simplicity

The core challenge for me was to find the perfect visual components and define the design language that would express the beauty and artistry of the products, as well as match the creative character.

As the lead Front-end developer, my main task was to build the view module, which is responsible of the entire Look and Feel of the application. I built the entire UI/UX of the admin dashboard, including a responsive custom Bootstrap theme, along with a flex grid system and form validation.

This project was a critical learning experience for me, a project of many firsts. I came away with a deeper understanding of user-driven design, how to properly work with a database, AWS servers and the tricky technical parts of delivering websites at the scale of hundreds of thousands of visitors per month.

admin dashboard users

Individual User

admin dashboard single

Sections Menu

admin dashboard menu

Referece of previous dashboard

This is what the old dashboard looked like, it was slow, not intuitive, and it did not funtion well for some of the main features.

admin dashboard - old version

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Admin Dashboard - TaxConnections